About Us

NATURA Ltd. produces natural foods for years in Turkey. Our products were produced by registration certificate of TR-06-K-009392) from Turkish Food and Agricultural Ministry, and registered as BAMIX and SAREX by Turkish Patent Institute. NATURA products are completely natural and contain no chemical or herbal components having toxic potential. NATURA produces several kinds of foods for healthy life including natural drinks, pastes, herbal mixtures, oil extracts, natural soups etc. They can be consumed directly or adding into various foods like milk, yogurt, salad, bread etc. NATURA also produces special food products as capsules and gels for patients with chronic diseases like atherosclerosis, diabetes, rheumatic and prostatic disorders, fatty liver disease, hemorrhoids, varicouse veins, impotence, infertility etc.

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Hüda Nur DURAK
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Yahya Galip
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Hüda Nur DURAK