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NATURA Ltd. produces natural foods for years in Turkey. Our products were produced by registration certificate of TR-06-K-009392) from Turkish Food and Agricultural Ministry, and registered as BAMIX and SAREX by Turkish Patent Institute. NATURA products are completely natural and contain no chemical or herbal components having toxic potential. NATURA produces several kinds of foods for healthy life including natural drinks, pastes, herbal mixtures, oil extracts, natural soups etc. They can be consumed directly or adding into various foods like milk, yogurt, salad, bread etc. NATURA also produces special food products as capsules and gels for patients with chronic diseases like atherosclerosis, diabetes, rheumatic and prostatic disorders, fatty liver disease, hemorrhoids, varicouse veins, impotence, infertility etc.
We are in the initiative to provide products through communication with suppliers or producer companies for DRUG, MEDICAL, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, OTC and DERMOCOCCETIC in the direction of requests from all Middle Eastern countries, especially IRAQ. We meet 85% of the requests that come with our 28-member team. Also with our registered three trademarks, we made outside to produce Multivitamins, Cosmetics and Dermocosmetic as phason. We stopped the process of making outside to produce phason for our company with Pharma Roya Drug Inc. The time we started producing our products we export them to the suppliers or to our firm and deliver them directly to the companies that we sell. Roya Group, which is strengthened with Roya Pharmaceutical Warehouse, aims to continue its growth in the future with solid steps. For this reason “ HEALTH IS FUTURE” and this will be possible with us.
Elbi is a pharmaceutical store operating with 35 years of experience in the sector. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which serves with a store of 1400 m² in Ankara, is licensed by the Ministry of Health and is regularly inspected by the ministry officials. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse provides the delivery of medicines and medical supplies around the world with a wide range of products. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse works to help you to reach high quality products in a timely and complete way by choosing the cold chain transportation system and ensuring that the products are always reliable. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which adopts the perspective that prioritizes human life, supports unconditionally the humanitarian organizations operating in Africa. Coming to these days with safe and reliable steps to In line with its target to become Turkey's best pharmaceutical warehouse, Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, not satisfied with this also has a significant position as the most preferred medical warehouse internationally. Company is exporting pharmaceuticals , medical& lab supplies to hundreds of customers in 60 countries around world. We offer well-branded medicines as well as medical items with very good prices as parallel traders . With the start of the COVID 19 epidemic, we are now offering our own production of COVERALLS , SURGICAL GOWNS , PATIENT GOWNS and Vitamins with reasonable prices and good quality.
Our company Guney Pharma was established in 2019 in Istanbul which is the trade center of Turkey. Guney Pharma has been very active in import and export business in the wholesale fields of Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Cosmetics. In a short time it has reached a great trading success by increasing is customer portfolio. With our well organized, innovative and modern analytic working staff we are always ready to give our best services to our customers by keeping the customers satisfaction at the highest level.